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Weave Pro

What to expect:
A professional human hair supplier specialized in high quality virgin human hair products for nearly 13 years. By providing with high quality products and excellent service. Weave Pro is always dedicated to creating real customers values for those who are in need of a full, long and beautiful hair to gain a long-lasting beauty, confidence or even a happy life.

100% Natural Material: We cut one bundle hair only from one donor, then water clean and sew hair material into weaves. No chemical lotions to soften hair cuticles, you can totally feel the hair cuticles when running with your fingers. No harmless to your own hair or scalp, no broke,looks like growing a real head of long human hair.

Hair Dyeing: Only 100% Unprocessed Virgin Human hair can be dyed and bleached into any colors evenly with no mixed colors or dark strands. Weave Pro hair quality can be dyed or bleached. We HIGHLY suggest you go to a professional colorist or Professional Hairstylist because depending on the quality of dye, or the dye job, it can alter the hair texture, and we are NOT responsible for anything altered/customized after it leaves our stores. After several times dyeing, our company Weave Pro hair still keep its bouncy and gloss, no nappy and frizzy hair.

2 Years Life-span: 100% real virgin human hair, you can at least use 2 years under good care, durable and reusable. Especially if it hasn’t had any alterations or dye. We’ve had customers keep their hair for 4-5years. It really just depends on how well the Customer maintenance the hair.

Hardly Hair Shedding: Weave Pro hair is not known for shedding. We pride ourselves on having quality materials without shedding or low shed. You should get minimal shedding as normal. Curlier textures and Pre-colored Bundles can differ, depending on maintenance.

Hardly Hair Tangling: All hair cuticles are in a same direction, whole and intact, no disorder between hair roots and ends, smooth and original.

Get to Know Us

When I think back about what made me want to help me female community, it started as a passion to not simply work my corporate job. I had a passion for making people, women, feel better about themselves. Started as a hairstylist 18 years ago, working at corporate job and a hairstylist on the side because it was my passion and I took on doing hair full-time after I had my daughter because I wanted to be my own boss. Working night and day to build my branding and to build my name. When I started selling hair extensions , it was nothing short. People trusted in my quality and my word. For many years, I’ve stayed very consistent and very eager to spread my business name and build it from the ground up as I worked from home and traveled as a stylist. But that quickly overcame me, I saw the difference that I made in women’s lives by educating them on how to properly care for not only their hair but their scalp because that is where it all starts.  I had clients who still relied on chemicals and overheating their hair to achieve popular looks but everything that I was educating them on wasn’t at my fingertips, I had to refer them to beauty supply stores to achieve greater hair health. This empowered me to quit my job because I saw I was changing the lives and habits of everyone that sat in my chair.  The protective style was just a synonym for “giving my hair a break” when it became popular. But the styles weren’t always very appealing. And that is where I found my niche, helping black women protect their crowns. I look to you all, to help me understand what is needed from cosmetologists. I work with cancer patients and those who have medical hair challenges on my days off to be able to hone my craft. I need the community just as much as it needs me. I want to meet the needs of my community.

Once I seen my business started to really flourish after a couple of years, there was a definite need for a storefront location because at home that’s just how busy it was. Once I did all the groundwork and open my first location Weave Pro Highland with the money in my pocket. I worked on that for a few years and it grew so big to the point where customers wanted us to expand in different areas and that’s where I open my second location half way to LA Weave Pro UPLAND and Salon Sweets Rentals. I wanted it to be bigger than my first store and had DREAMS so I built two businesses under one roof. Running multiple businesses and working a full-time job has never been easy but it’s definitely been my life dream and entrepreneurship has been a goal of mine but never knew it would be this big. But it’s really about the work that you put in and the good relationships you keep with people and goes to show when you do right by people and give good business. It always comes back to you. Once my locations was running efficiently, I decided to be in the market and open a black on beauty supply store, knowing this would be the hardest out of all of them because the industry, though it was built for us it’s not specifically sold by us. I did so much groundwork to get my hundred plus vendors for my beauty supply store and sure enough after a couple of years , I opened my third location She Beauty Supply. A 3,000sqft beauty supply Fully stocked. With the support of my community, and the faithful customers of many years, all three locations are the #1 supplier in the Inland Empire, prosperous and doing amazing! We have done many community events, charities and give backs in our city and it’s one of the reasons why we are blessed today.


Weave Pro Brazilian Hair extensions are the best of all hair Extensions.

Owned by Vanessa who has been a beautician for 18 years Weavepro business has been established since 2010 and has worked with practically every hair on the Market, finding the best quality wasn’t a hard task!

As we know it is not easy to find high quality Brazilian and Indian hair. Our shop is devoted to providing customers with the best hair extensions and the best service, hands down. All the Brazilian hair extensions are made from real human hair. Our Brazilian and Indian hair is RAW-UNTOUCHED hair. No filler hair. No remy processing. NOT Steamed curled. No chemicals added at all! Best hair on the market by far! We offer a variety of styles including Natural Straight, Raw Wave, Body Curl, Mermaid, Loose wave and Deep wave. Each of these styles comes in a range of lengths. We also sell Virgin Brazilian Lace and Silk Closures 4” x 5”. (18”) 

 We understand the needs of our customers, and we are dedicated to staying on par with new human hair technology. We believe it’s all about the quality. We strive to always provide our customers with the finest, top quality Brazilian human hair. Our hair goes under a quality control process picking out only the best. Our hair is cleaned and Condition for days before it is available for sale.

Our quality of hair blends with all hair Textures like Caucasian, Hispanic, Asian, and African American etc. With proper care, our hair will maintain its natural look and texture. We also offer Custom hand-made Full Wigs, U-part Wigs, L-shape Wigs and Half Wigs. Weave Pro is committed to providing our customers the best solution at competitive prices. We are focused on delivering the highest quality customer experience. Our easy on-line ordering ensures that your purchase is secure and accurate. We have dedicated quality control experts processing your orders and knowledgeable customer service agents to address your questions.

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